Latest news... in a nutshell!

1. Make An Effort's demo tape is out now! Click here to check out two tracks!

2. Nothing Gold Can Stay / Within Walls split 7" up next. Seriously.

3. Feeding Time's leaving for out third European tour like... now! So, don't expect any updates on here until about October 1st. Instead, come and check us out and say hello if we hit your town... click here for dates and stuff.

11.09.2008 Site news:
Distro section updated.

Site/label/distro/general news:
Wowsa... it sure has been a while. Anyway, now that the radio silence is broken, I might as well mention that there was a update of the mailorder section. A small one. There's much more to come soon, though. But what's way more important:

Determination's third 7" is available!

It's titled "If All Else Fails..." and contains 8 tracks of fast and furios hardcore/punk. If you don't know what I'm talking about, head over to their myspace and listen to "Reality Check". And "Hold It Back". And "Insomnia". Like, now.

Done that? Excellent. Just like their previous 7", "If All Else Fails..." is released in co-operation, this time together with Seewinkel Hardcore, Broken Heart Rec., Sengaja Rec., Tornado Ride Rec. & I Feel Good. Glad I could be a part of this!

Determination are about halfway through their current tour with Viennese grinders Fist-A-Ferret by the way, with about a week still to go... so if they're playing anywhere near you, make sure you don't miss them. Here's the remaining dates:

30.08.2008 [DEN] Roskilde, Paramount Punk Festival w/ Hjertestop + Massgrave + Massmord a.o.
31.08.2008 [---] day off, I'm afraid
01.09.2008 [SWE] Malmö, Utkanten w/ Rising Terror
02.09.2008 [GER] Hannover, Kopernikus w/ Malignant Tumour
03.09.2008 [GER] Berlin, Koma F (Köpi) w/ Dead Vows
04.09.2008 [NED] Amsterdam, OCII w/ Deportation
05.09.2008 [GER] Detmold, Alte Pauline w/ Nervous Breakdown + Loid + Days Of Despite
06.09.2008 [AUT] Andau, Disco Babalu w/ Irreal + Make An Effort

12.02.2008 Band news:
Just saw Frankenstyle for the first time with their new drummer and second guitarist and they were nothing short of awesome. Make sure you check out their (new) myspace profile and listen to some songs of their upcoming 7"!

10.02.2008 Gigliste - in eigener Sache:
Ich versuche grundsätzlich natürlich, die Gigliste so aktuell und genau wie möglich zu halten. Mitunter kann es dennoch zu Änderungen kommen (bspw. bei grösseren Veranstaltungen, die ziemlich lange im Voraus angekündigt werden und bei denen sich der Termin in weiterer Folge um den einen oder anderen Tag verschiebt; case in point: Jimmy Eat World), die mir einfach entgehen, weil nicht einmal ich meine Augen und Ohren überall haben kann (ich arbeite aber dran). ;) In solchen Fällen bin ich für sachdienliche Hinweise ausgesprochen dankbar - also wenn jemandem etwas in dieser Richtung auffallen sollte (falsches Datum, falsche Location o.ä.), dann bitte lieber ein Email mehr schreiben statt sich nur zu denken "der Wappler hat schon wieder das falsche Datum auf der Seite" und es dabei zu belassen. Danke!

19.01.2008 Site news:
Distro section updated again. Seems we're back to a somewhat regular, monthly basis with that.

16.12.2007 Site news:
Distro section updated. Dude.


Label news:
As you might or might not have heard by now, Capeet will be involved in the release of Worlds Between Us' new mCD, along with the fine folks at Noise Appeal. "Downsides" will be out before the end of August... until then, please head over to WBU's myspace site and check out "Forgotten Times, Forgotten Names".

15.07.2007 Site news:
Finally a proper update update of the distro section, complete with descriptions and all. ;) More soon, plus: label news to follow soon as well!

11.04.2007 Site news:
Distro section updated. Loads of new stuff in.

Various news:
Happy New Year, everyone! Ok, I do realise I'm rather late with that... but there's still 358 days of 2007 left, so I guess it still counts. Anyway, on to more important things:

I'm very honoured to welcome a new band aboard this ship: three extraordinarily handsome and gifted young gentlemen, collectively known as Frankenstyle. Hailing from Lower Austria, I saw quite a few of their gigs in Vienna in 2006 and since I really liked their brand of '77-flavoured punk rock, I offered them to release their first record. So, Frankenstyle's debut 7" can be expected some time this spring... more details about this as we get them. Until then, find out more about Frankenstyle here!

In othe news, the giglist has been updated once again... and the distro catalogue will be finally brought up-to-date soon as well. Seriously! Please keep checking back.

16.08.2006 Concert news:
Line-ups for the Backstabbers Inc., the Architect, L.O.J. and Sinking Ships shows have been completed!
Plus: flyer for the Backstabbers Inc. show is up!
Plus: an all new show added for Sept. 13th - Oslo's finest dancers Death Is Not Glamorous will be rocking the Movimento alongside Pavilonul 32, Quotations Of Rain & D.H.R.... this show being a cooperation effort with the fantastic Seewinkel Connection, by the way!
All this in the upcoming gigs section... and even more show news to follow in the next few days!

30.07.2006 Concert news:
Bad news, unfortunately: as I have just been informed by the band, Restless Youth's current tour has been discontinued. This means that their supposed Viennese show on August 6th is cancelled! For further details about the reasons, please have a look at the "upcoming shows" section. I'm terribly sorry about this and hope to get RY over at a later date.

28.07.2006 Site news:
Flyers for the Sirens/Empty Vision/RTN & Restless Youth/Fortress/Frankenstyle shows next week are finally up!
Plus: giglist has been updated and so has the distro with a whole new bunch of, uh, "represses" of classic 80s hc/punk. Another stack of new records is piling up in my room already, so expect another distro update within the next 2 days or so.

Label news:
The Determination 7" is out & available! :-) I'm off to Fluff now and will of course have a box or two with me.

18.07.2006 Site news:
Massive distro update! The new Italian Stallion 7" is in, as are the Up Yours demo, Short Circuit 'zine #1 and some classic 80s hc/punk from the US, Finland and Germany - and these aren't even half of the new arrivals, so go have a look!

Label news:
Yep, you read that right: label news, indeed.
Now, after the Dawncore & Konstrukt 7"es came out, I was pretty sure that these would have been my last "proper" releases, except maybe for a demo or two. I didn't have the funds for another 7" anyway and, more importantly, I was convinced that putting out records isn't exactly "my thing", so I'd rather leave the joys of releasing records to those who know how to do this better. Or more successful. Or both.
But when some awefully nice dudes, who also happen to be in one of your favourite (local) bands, ask you if you'd help them with releasing their new record, you obviously don't turn them down. Well, probably you would - but I didn't. This is why Capeet Records is back as a label, co-releasing Determination's 2nd 7", together with the band themselves as well as Broken Heart Records (who already released Determination's first 7").
The release show of this fine piece of Seewinkel Hardcore is supposed to happen on Thursday, July 20th 2006 at the TüWi, Vienna (also featuring Reproach, Hjertestop and Sløseri - so don't miss this if you're in the area!) and, # surprisingly enough, we should even have the 7"es in our hands by then. I for one am looking forward to this record big time, and you should be too! (check out Determination's myspace for 2 songs off the new record!)

16.07.2006 Site news:
Giglist updated.

15.07.2006 Site news:
Okay, so as soon as the new site was up it turned out that it worked fine on my computer, but not so much on anyone else's. Bummer. So I took the whole shebang down again, axed the frames - and here we are for the second try.
Plus, a few new records have been added to the distro, most notably the Cloak/Dagger 7" and the Death Is Not Glamorous 7"/mCD. Check these out!

10.07.2006 Site news:
Yay! The new website is finally online and it was about time, too! Also, expect some breaking news within the next few days - and until then, don't forget to check out the distro section as well as the upcoming shows.